Sunday, March 20, 2016

What Really Makes Disney Magic? SOLSC Day 20

I am so disappointed to have missed the last two days of posts. I knew it would take a concentrated effort to keep up with slicing while being at Disney, but what I wasn't expecting was my phone becoming non-responsive! Yes, it's true, on the morning of the second day the touch screen of my phone stopped working! How will I text, tweet, take photos, or find my way around the parks? 

I had planned to blog from my phone throughout the busy days, throwing up a few pictures here and there; capturing the memories. Instead, I found myself living life as I had before smartphones. I had been unexpectedly forced to follow unknown paths, read the signs in the park, and leave picture taking to others in my company and the professional at Disney. 

Experiencing Disney in the lost years of the non-digital age was troubling at times, but the moments I observed, felt and, created were magical. 

I watched the excited faces, busy feet; I listened to the multitude of languages filling my ear and the squeals of joy and the tears of exhaustion all happening around me, and I learned a few things:
  • People travel from all over the world to come to Disney. 
  • Few people say no to snacks at Disney.
  • Everyone tries to do too much in one day.
  • Shows are not only entertaining but a welcome break for all!
  • Parents invest in giving their children a memorable experience. 
  • People are willing to tell you what time the next show will begin. 
  • My youngest daughter Snap Chats too much! 
  • My youngest daughter answers with "yes, ma'am and no ma'am when other adults talk to her! (7 months of southern living)
  • My oldest daughter knows Disney inside and out! (Disney training)
  • My daughter only points with two fingers. (More Disney training)
  • My daughters are advocates for themselves. 
  • If you're quiet and available, they will talk to you.
  • If you can't slice for a day or two, the Slice oF Life community will understand. 
  • Disney isn't magic; it's all the families building memories that are magic!


Mary Hill said...

I think it is great you were able to enjoy Disney with your family. Special times. thanks for sharing.

Holly Wright said...

Enjoyed your lessons learned!

Liz McKenna said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful trip! I often think about how the people who love Disney are what make it "fun." It's easy to be cynical about it, but not when you see the joy on other people's faces! Have a great time!

Krista Schmidt said...

I love this post...For one, I love Disney! Also, on my last trip to Disneyland, the same thing happened to me. For an entire day, I had no phone. I felt lost, but quickly learned how to rely on other people and focus in on other things outside my phone. I'm glad such a magical experience came from your technological troubles!

Ashley Brown said...

As a life-long Disney addict, I completely understand! The last time I went, in October, I spent so much time taking pictures. When I got home, I wished I hadn't. I have the same pictures of the same things every time I go. Enjoy that special time with your family, because you're right. Disney provides the place and the moments, but you have to take hold of them to make them your own! Enjoy your time there!!! <3

Noel Kaczmarczyk said...

I agree that it is the memories that make Disney magical. Sorry to hear about your phone, but glad you were able to "let it go!" and build magical memories.

Kathleen Sokolowski said...

Love those lessons your learning! So glad you are making magical memories with your family!

Carolyn said...

As I discovered on my cruise, it's kind of nice to be able to unplug from technology for a little while. I hope it isn't too traumatizing for you!

Ali Vrbas said...

This is such a cool post! I had to read it right away since my parents are taking my kiddo and I to Disneyland in two weeks! Can't wait! I love the idea of going without a smart phone there. Of all places, that would be the best place without it!