Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Life Time Celebrations SOLSC Day 22

It seems like just yesterday I stepped off the plane in Orlando, and here I am waiting for my plane back to Ohio. Seeing both my daughters and sharing this time with Lexi's friend from kindergarten on her mom was truly a gift. Our families became hard and fast friends, and I feel like the luckiest family around to have family best friends! Lexi and Abigail met in kindergarten and were lucky enough to share all the same elementally teachers and choose to room together in college.

Left to right- Lisa, Abigail, Lexi and Olivia

This week we celebrated our friendship, our time together, Lexi's internship, and Abigail's upcoming graduation from The Ohio State University. It was an experience I never even dreamed would come to be. It's funny how life surprises you!


Carolyn said...

I hope Lexi realizes how lucky she is to have found this kind of friendship. I'm sure you can imagine many years in the future as their families spend time together and hope that their children share a bond just as special. What a great way to spend your week!

Carol T said...

Meant: The days are long but the years are short.

Kris Shrontz said...

Sounds like good times, good friends!

Krista Schmidt said...

What a great story...& great memories! Life can truly surprise you with the best friends & experiences.