Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Stamp of Approval! Day 30 SOLSC

The students were full of squeals, questions, and wonder as they walked into our newly organized classroom.  "Wait, look the mailboxes are different." "Cool, new books!"  Books were pulled from the shelves and shared with friends like precious gems.  A small group of girls gathered at the mailboxes to scrutinize the new organization of tools.  Another group spotted the smallest change in the room, table caddies full of newly sharpened pencils! 

It was so fun to listen to the excitement of the kids, it made my late night all worth it! 


travelinma said...

Changing things can certainly make things fresh and exciting.

Holly Wright said...

How exciting! What fun for everyone!

Krista Schmidt said...

Oh, surprising students with classroom changes is always so fun! I'm glad they gave you their stamp of approval!