Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thanks SOLSC for the Learning Day 31

On the first day of the SOLSC, I wrote about how I work best under pressure which is why I like teaching first grade.  I wrote about how all the business of the month seems to provide just enough busy for me. My school calendar is filled with parent conferences, meetings, progress reports, teacher reviews, spring breaks, and the Slice of Life Story Challenge. Well, today I am here to tell you learning is painful! I know this because this March I learned I have a limit to my busy. 

Sure, I wrote almost every day in the challenge. Well, I missed two days while out of town visiting my Disney intern daughter. I posted my students writing every day, I tweeted posts, I even made, at least, three comments a day, but I am here to tell you there were days when I struggled.  I kept going because my kids were writing, you were writing, and it was a promise I made myself.  Listening to my writing group on Voxer share similar stories pushing through the struggle comforted me. I wasn't the only one pushing myself, they can do it, I can do it, I will do it, I did do it! 

The treats of the first days are all gone but the words I left on the pages of the blog remain.  I have so many things I wish I would have done, so many I should have done, but rather than self-deprecate, I have decided to set goals for next year.  I, no we, deserve to be proud of all the efforts in the SOLSC, no effort was too small, and all efforts can grow with goals for next year. 

Next year:
I want to comment on at least three student blogs and adult blogs each day. 
I want to be a few days ahead on my blog posts.
I want to link my post in the morning. 
I want to eat fewer treats during the SOLSC ;-) 

See, already I am feeling ready for next year! 


Teachers for Teachers said...

I hope you post in the morning so I can read them. I realized when you post really matters in terms of who you connect with. I realize I miss a lot of people who are night owls. I love your post - no use worrying about what did and didn't happen. TWT is an amazing gift to us all and you are part of that gift. Onward!! 'til Tuesday.

Krista Schmidt said...

Yes, be proud of all the effort is ever too small! I love your goals for next year. I have really enjoyed reading your posts this month.

Lisa Rizzo said...

It's been wonderful! I'm glad to have met you online.