Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Slice of Life ~The Twist and Turns of Life

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Life is full of crazy twist and turns and no matter how much you prepare for them you just can't be ready for them all.  Some are small twist and some are life changing, some are good, some are great and some are just too darn overwhelming.

This week our family is facing one of it's most overwhelming twist yet. This week we live our week of lasts. Our last Sunday dinner on the patio with the grandparents, our last  BBQ Chicken pizza dinner prepared by Olivia and the last night our family of four sleeps under one roof.

Because this week we move our baby girl (O.K. she's 18, but you have to expect this, she's our youngest) off to college…all the way from Ohio to Alabama!  How many miles is this anyway? Ten driving hours. By plane….11/2 flying hours (direct flight) plus airport navigation, plus rental car, plus drive from air port to the university= 5 hours by plain, train and automobile (yes, it takes all three modes of transportation when you fly).

Well, I sound like a sad sap. Sure this is eating away at me, but it's not like she is leaving forever! She's going off to college, a typical transition in life, albeit several states away.

And if we think about this really carefully---- with parents weekend, holidays and spring break we will be together almost every month! (Please donate frequent flyers miles in the comments.) There will be more nights when all four of us sleep under one roof, other family dinners on the patio and opportunites for Liv to cook are certain to reappear. These next nights will just be Livi after dorm life.

And let's not forget about Face Time, Skype, and Google Chat. We can connect e-v-e-r-y-day, eye-to-eye! Liv can keep me up on all the urban slang, latest styles, what to wear and tell me of all the things I am doing wrong (according to the book of Livi). I mean how am I am going to pick out my own outfits, use popular vernacular, and plan my days all by myself? I will be a mess!

But, this isn't about me this is about Liv,  I will have to find my own way. This is her chance to take off  find herself, rehearse her independence and grow!

… but one last thing to make sure she's all set to be MISS INDEPENDENCE...

 *Make a note- iron and layout her first day outfit before I scoot back to Ohio! Besides, I won't even be out of the state before Livi calls to say she misses me!


Bernadette Laganella said...

Change will come whether we are ready or not. Children leaving for college is the gestation period of welcoming home the adult

Maria said...

It's never easy but the gifts that you will recieve will be amazing. Liv will shower you with everything she learns and I promise one day you will look and continue to say - "Wow, we've done it." The best gift of all.

Amy Rudd said...

My heart was in my throat thinking about how hard this must be. I am sure you're very proud of her and she will be fine-my friend Cindy says the best way to deal is to close her bedroom door and pretend she's just out with friends-not gone for good but soon home! Thinking of you.

Michelle said...

Oh boy Deb. My girls are going off to kindergarten and I'm a wreck ... is this my future in 13 years?!?! :) You will be just fine!!!

Chris said...

Hooray for Miss Independence and wow, it's hard to see them fly away from the nest! Best wishes for a smooth transition and thank goodness for connectivity options!