Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Slice Of Life~ THE Shelf

THE Shelf~

As we embark on the adventure that was moving our youngest daughter to college 5 states from home we have many stories to tell, but of all the stories, none of them TOP the story of THE shelf!

The story actually begins back on our first campus visit in January. While touring the dorms we noticed the beds had a headboard shelf much like you might see in a popular home decor catalogue for teens. The whole family thought these shelves were very stylish and functional and how cool is it that the university provides such nice furniture. They don’t provide a microwave nor a refrigerator, but THE shelf makes up for all!  

Fast forward 6 months, the setting- student and parent orientation business fair- the revelation- these businesses are SELLING THE shelves!  THE shelf isn’t provided by the university?  Once this shock settled in I began to ask questions about the delivery and found out the company will deliver and install the shelf. Being from out of state I was beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel! So I gathered cards from all the vendors so I could visit websites and compare.

Here’s where the real story begins! THE shelf ranged in price from $350-$400! Being the daughter of a carpenter I knew this shelf had maybe $80 worth of material and, to an experienced builder, maybe an hours work. My husband began his research and realized we could buy the material at the local Home Depot for $40 and build the shelf in our hotel room! This was the plan for about a month.

Then an offer we couldn’t refuse came about! Olivia found a shelf for $100 on the school Facebook page! I figured an extra $20 was worth the trouble of labor. arrangements were made, payment was sent and THE shelf would be delivered by the seller to Olivia’s dorm! PERFECT!

Fast forward to move in day- Van packed tight, but efficiently with overflow space available via a car top carrier. Two hours into our ten hour drive and Olivia says, “They can’t fit THE shelf into their truck, they ran out of space!”

Ok, now is NOT the time to panic! The sellers house is 2 1/2 hours from the university, but it is on our way and we have overflow space!  Quick adjust navigation and reroute to THE shelf!  Operation shelf is now in full motion as we plot packing adjustments for THE shelf.  (You may be starting to see how the became THE when referring to THE shelf.)

Arrive at the seller's beautiful lakefront home- Ok, everyone has a job in repacking and making room for the shelf and everyone is busy. Finally, we are ready to load THE shelf! My daughters and I (hubby has had back surgery and isn’t permitted to lift)  struggle to bring THE HEAVY shelf to the van. Now is when it REALLY became THE shelf! after all the planning and repacking THE shelf WILL NOT FIT and now, it's raining!!!!!

Hurry---- REPACK THE VAN!!!

Time for plan C! 
My oldest daughter and TIm will return tomorrow after the van is unpacked. Olivia is now in tears of frustration, Tim is feeling helpless (and most likely wondering why we changed his plan and why we NEED THE **%& shelf) and I am sitting in a seat that is no longer attached to the hinges on the floor of the van. It’s a quiet ride for the next 2 1/2 hours to our hotel.

The next day Tim and Lexi make the 2 1/2 hour drive (5 hour round trip) to get THE shelf!
When they arrived back at the dorm with THE shelf I recruited a few college guys to muscle the shelf up the 2 flights of stairs and into place where THE shelf now rests adorn with….decorations!

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