Saturday, April 18, 2015

Celebrate This Week: My New Perspective on Teaching

Tonight marks the beginning of the weekend and most of us are excited about the 2 days off!  As I think about the weekend my mind rushes past the days off and right to the week ahead.  You see, this Monday I will step into my classroom as I have done all year, but this Monday I will walk into a dark room.  I will walk into a room waiting to be opened and prepped for the day.

Our class has had the benefit of having a student teacher all year… until today.  Today we celebrated her accomplishments and wished her well as  she moves onto the hunt for her very own classroom.

Having a student teacher share your class and your space can make a teacher a bit dependent.  I can't help feeling a bit anxious when I picture Monday morning.  I imagine myself standing in that dark door way frozen in fear! 

Will I remember to:
  • turn on the lamps
  • gather ALL teaching materials
  • set up the tables with student work mats
  • choose read aloud books 
  • login to the computers
  • pair blue tooth speaker with iPad
  • turn on projector 
  • tune on document camera
  • sharpen pencils
  • change the student jobs
  • compose a morning message
  • refill paper trays for writers workshop
  • answer parent emails
  • refill caffeinated beverage
  • visit the ladies room
  • greet the kids at the door
  • take attendance
  • check in books
  • schedule reading groups
  • confer with kids
  • watch the morning announcements
  • send the kids to lunch, recess, special
  • and ….
Hmm… What am I forgetting?  Only Monday will tell.

I am sure you're wondering how this post fits the celebration linkup by now.  I am celebrating the opportunity to share a class and a classroom with a student teacher and my new perspective on teaching.  

As I guided and coached our student teacher I noticed~
  • teaching isn't as easy as it appears
  • coaching isn't as easy a it appears
  • thinking on your feet as a teacher isn't easy
  • thinking on your feet as a coach isn't easy
  • choosing a teaching point is challenging
  • choosing a coaching point is challenging
  • getting to know students is crucial
  • getting to know student teachers is crucial
  • reflection is essential to teaching
  • reflection is essential to coaching
  • it isn't easy being a student
  • it isn't easy being a coach
  • this job takes grit!
So Monday, when I stand in that cold dark doorway I will take a deep breath, mumble some self talk and step inside, not with trepidation, but with perseverance and bravery.
Wish me luck! 


  1. I do wish you luck. Change - even back to a role you've had before - often makes for anxiety. You're a learner though and I know that you will take it in stride and see even more opportunities to learn and grow with your students.

  2. Oh . . . Mondays. Any Monday has that "so many things" feel - this one for you will be particularly busy. Really enjoyed reading through your noticing . . .

  3. Mondays always make me take a deep breath. There are so many details to attend to. I'm happy you had a nice student teacher, Deb, & wish you well as you begin a new kind of teaching journey. Love the lists-whew!

  4. This job does take grit! Sending wishes for smooth sailing and happy vibes for tomorrow.

  5. I often feel the "drought" with my readers as well. I love the ways you encourage reading and keep kids talking about books!