Monday, March 2, 2015

Math MondayThe Power of Independent Math

I have been reworking and adjusting my math workshop for a few years now.  I have found a few pieces of our math workshop are invaluable.  One is the first 15 minutes of the workshop. This is independent work time. Time to curl up in math work and practice what you need to practice as a mathematician. Kassia Omohundro Wedekind explains in her book Math Exchanges the need for kids to have time to practice math skills independently. Some kids may feel they need to take things slower, use different tools, or may be even embarrassed to work with a peer. Independent math time allows the mathematician to set the pace, chose the skill, the tools and do the learning!
Here's peek into our independent time~

N uses what her knows in basic facts to try adding to 200!

Ani starte with what she knows about doubles and pushes herself to higher numbers. 

Z rolls our dice and practices counting up on the 100's chart. 

E discovers counting by 3 is always 3 more. 

A explores the relationship between addition and subtraction.

The mathematicians designed the work, chose the tools and guess who did the learning? 
What's your favorite part of your workshop?


Mandy said...

Love the visual photos this week and how your students are practicing by choice. You have set such a foundation in your workshop for these things to happen independently. Do you pull small groups or confer at this time? Thanks for joining this week.

mlf said...

I've been reading about using twitter with a classroom and I'm very excited to begin. I've had my principal's permission and sent a letter to the parents. I have a second grade class. Apart from your class do you have any suggestions as to who to follow as we get our feet wet? Have you ever had any inappropriate tweets from random people? Thanks for any further information or suggestions.

robin.scott edm310 said...

It was interesting to read your connection between students and independent learning. I like the way teachers were put into a students shoes.