Friday, July 11, 2014

Celebrate this week!~ Slippery Moments

Thank you @Ruth_Ayers of Ruth Writes for this wonderful #Celebratelu!  I have been absent from the weekly Celebrations for a while and it's time I get back into the swing! As Ruth tells us on her blog Discover. Play. Build,
Celebration is one of those slippery things -- we can let go of it and not even realize that it's missing. We can talk ourselves out of its importance. However, celebration makes the difference between energy and apathy, excitement and disappointment 
This week's celebration isn't from this week, or even last week. It's not a small moment, which I feel #celebrationlu is all about, noticing the big moments in the small things. No, this week's celebration has been building all school year and I just didn't realize how big this moment was until I was standing ankle deep in the creek with a young writer. 

This year my class and I joined the Slice of Life 30 Day Writing Challenge. The kids were very eager to accept the challenge, some kids wrote all 30 days, some kids didn't. Some wrote on their blogs, some wrote in their writers notebooks, and some wrote in their folders.  We left the challenge open, open to choice and open to join or not join and all writers were celebrated. In the moments of the challenge I could see the pride and growth in my writers, but the impact on some writers was greater than others. 

One young writer chose to write in her notebook and she wrote EACH DAY.  When the challenge was over she enlisted her classmates in a new writing challenge!  As the year was coming to an end this writer informed the class she had filled her writers notebook by writing EVERYDAY for 100 days and would be shopping for a new notebook! 

It isn't the number of days this writer wrote that has me celebrating today, it's the dedication and write she discovered she found in her writing.  

This young writer found small moments to write and carried her notebook with her everywhere, she was living the life of a writer. This summer I was invited to come see her favorite writing place, special rock in the creek on her property.  She even asked her dad and mom to help make a path  for me to get to this writing rock! 

As I stood their in the creek I realized she was truly living a writely life.  I celebrate the writer she
discovered in herself and look forward to seeing more of her writing.  

These are moments are slippery and need to be held onto, celebrated and remembered! 


Kendra said...

Deb! I'm so glad to see your post this morning. Blogging and writing will be my focus this year for my growth in teaching. Seeing your first grade work is inspirational! May I use it in the fall and when we do our SOL challenge in my classroom as a model for my kiddos? Thanks for sharing this. A celebration indeed!

LInda Baie said...

I'm sure this young writer will never forget this year of writing with you, Deb. I'm happy to read her, and your, story, and to see that she's carried it into summer, too. Love the pictures.

Anonymous said...

What a truly wonderful post! Kids are so inspiring in what they think to do and actually get done. I need to be that passionate about writing as well!

Margaret Simon said...

This brought tears to my eyes. This celebration should be shouted from the mountaintop of teachers who climb every day with their students. Congratulate your young writer for me and tell her to Power on. She has the number one ingredient of a lifelong writer.

Carrie Gelson said...

Oh, I am absolutely teary and inspired after reading this. Thank you for SHARING!

Holly Mueller said...

Oh my gosh! What a privilege that your student invited you into her writing space. What a wonderful celebration!

Leigh Anne Eck said...

This is very inspiring. I found myself saying, if a first grader can do this then so can I! My writing has taken a nosedive as of late and this story might just be the kick-in-the-pants I need. I love her writing rock and the fact that she shared it with you. Wonderful celebration! Thanks for sharing it.

Michele Knott said...

I love hearing this wonderful story! I am always looking to connect with other primary teachers. I am a reading specialist but work with the first grade team. I love hearing that you encouraged your class to participate in the March challenge. I've been wondering if I could get our teachers to encourage our writers! It would be a huge jump for us since we don't write everyday :( I'm glad I can say other classes do this!

Cathy said...

That is awesome!!!!! I want a writing rock!

debf said...

Thank you for your comment, it was nice to capture this experience. Please use what you like for your class!