Saturday, March 15, 2014

Celebrate~ this week! Finding Courage

I have toyed with participating in the Slice of Life (SOL) writing challenges.  I look to the writers who participate in these 
challenges as writing mentors. I am not a confident writer and thinking of my work  standing besides the writing of these writers intimidates me.  Well, this year I took the risk. I dove in and I am letting my novice writing stand along side the gifted writers in the SOL challenge. 

So what happened this year that gave me the courage to dive in?  
           My class of 6 and 7 year old writers! 

When I asked my class if they wanted to join a 30-day writing challenge they cheered.  There is just something about the word challenge that motivates most (not all) first graders.  Instantly the questions began to fly. 
Do we really write every day? Can I write in my notebook?  Can we write in our blogs? Can we comment on other blogs? What happens on the weekends? Can we draw?  Can we share it with our blog friends in Hong Kong? Can we write in writer’s workshop? Can we write fiction? Does it have to be a personal narrative? Can we write poems? Can I start now?
The excitement was palpable and at this moment I knew we were it in together. The excitement of these first graders gave me energy.  I stepped up to the keyboard, started writing about the slices of my life, and clicked the scary ORANGE button. I  released my work to the world of writers that I have idolized for so long and joined the #SOL14 writing challenge. 

Just yesterday a very spunky little writer bubbled up to me, pausing only long enough to say, "I have 4 pages on my blog now and 26 comments!" She quickly turns to run back to her blog as she continues-  "I really a writer now!" 

Yes! Madi you really are a writer now! I already knew that, but now SHE knows it too and that’s what's important! 


Teachers for Teachers said...

Love this post!!! What a moment for you and your student. We did not join the challenge but are trying to comment on lots of student blogs. We will make our way to your class this week!

Holly Mueller said...

What joy in Madi's realization! It's so exciting to call yourself a writer. :-)

Carrie Gelson said...

This post sings of writing celebration Love this comment "I really a writer now" Love how you and your students are inspiring each other!

Tammy Klinger said...

I love how each of your students have their own blog! How did you set that up, did you just give them one stemming from yours? I would love to do this for my first graders, right now we are just all writing on one blog. And btw I have been slicing for five years now and I am still intimidated by the amazing writers, but I have also found some amazing friends!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing experience you are giving your students! I love Madi's quote.

I've been impressed with your class and all that you are doing with them before, especially because they are so young. I love helping students see that they love writing, and that it is not as scary as they think. Thank you for helping students find this love so early on.

Keep up the great work,

debf said...

The writers would LOVE to have you comment on their blogs!

debf said...

I LITERALLY teared up!

debf said...

The kids always amaze me, honestly can you image doing what kids do now when you were 7?

debf said...

Thanks for leaving your kind words! My kids use Kid Blog to blog. It is very easy to use and the kids love it! Good Luck!

debf said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment! The kids are amazing and rise to our expectations! I am sure your 5th graders are amazing to!

Ruth Ayres said...

I hope Madi's teacher realizes she is a writer too. YOU are a remarkable writer, Deb. Believe it!