Sunday, December 22, 2013

I am a little late to the celebration, honestly I thought I would be taking a week off of posting.  As I ended my last post, I was living my celebrations, but as I clicked on Ruth Ayer's blog to start reading all your celebrations I knew I could not take a week off!  Ruth inspired me to carve out a few minutes at this busy time and reflect on all we have to celebrate. Ruth promises I won't be sorry….

1. I am sitting a quiet house, the only sounds I hear are the clicks of my keystrokes and the ticking of the clock above the fire place. Soon all this quiet will be replaced by happy chaos! Christmas carols, clanging of dishes and debates on who decorated the best the cookie!

2. My school family (kids, colleagues and parents) made the last day of year one for the books! My teaching partners and I exchanged gifts that reflected the good times we've shared this year and promise many more to come in the new year! I LOVE MY TEAM~

3. Each year our family bakes Christmas cookies to share with neighbors, family, and friends. This year our schedules made baking as a family look close to impossible! The girls were not having "It's just not going to work this year."  Together they devised a schedule that carved out a few hours here and there that we could all bake together and in 30 minutes the flour will begin to fly on the final phase of their plan!

4. Last night I attended a Christmas party where I met a parent from @cathymere's class. I was more than honored when she said, "I know you, you're Mrs. Mere's best friend!" (Cathy may have something different to say about this but I was HONORED) Cathy is beyond amazing to work with I am so fortunate to learn from and with her everyday. Knowing that this family recognized our shared passion for who we are and what we do and sees how this has extended past school is an amazing feeling. For the couple of you who don't know Cathy she is a dedicated and passionate educator who inspires many everyday and she doesn't even know it! I am blessed to have her as such an important and connected part of my life.

5. My final celebration this week is that I am writing this post and as Ruth promised I am so happy I did! Thank you for taking time to read during this BUSY time of living your celebrations! I am a week behind on reading your celebrations, but I will be working to catch up once all the gifts are unwrapped and the recycling hits the curb!

Have a GREAT Holiday Season!

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Cathy said...

You know I am just as honored to see that students recognize our friendship. However, you are far too kind. You know I enjoy teaching, learning, and laughing with you every day.