Saturday, December 14, 2013

Celebrate~ this week a Whirlwind of Possibilities!

Thank you Ruth Ayers for giving us this opportunity to connect and celebrate! I love being part of an online community and celebrations are the best reason to connect!

This week has been a whirlwind of celebrations.

1.  My youngest daughter is preforming in the Nutcracker and has a lead role. She has been dancing since she was three and landing a lead role made her estactic! This will be her first lead role on pointe! I wish I had a photo but, NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY please.

2.  My oldest daughter is home from college! She is never far from home and comes home often for weekends and an occasional dinner but knowing she's home for an extended time feels different, more like a homecoming.

3.  We are beginning to see a light at the end of a year long journey of back pain for my husband. We have exhausted all non-invasive treatments and are now hopeful of long term relief from surgery. We have really been against surgery and hoped to avoid this line of treatment but now we see such promise we are celebrating the physicians suggested procedure and the prognosis of relief!

4. My #nerdlution is well underway and I have removed the second book from my "To Be Read
Tower." Not only am I sticking with my #nerdlution,  I am now connected in a second online community and I am reading more and using this new learning to make shifts in my teaching. Just this week my class made a few learning shifts that I have to say came from my reading!

5. My kids understand the connective powers and means of sharing online! Just yesterday I asked if I could keep their work for another day. I explained that I was so excited with their learning that I wanted to write a blog post and I might want to include a few pictures of their work. Immediately and simultaneously I heard~
"Will Peter Brown see it? Will other teachers comment to you?  Will they teach this to their classes?  Will they want to read this book too?  We can put our work in VoiceThread so everybody can hear us talk about our work and THEY CAN COMMENT TO US.  Oh, yeah, can we Mrs, Frazier?  And we can tweet @itspeterbrown so he can comment to us too! " 
 You will have to imagine the squeals (words wouldn't be sufficient) when I simply said YES! I have to admit some of those squeals were happening in the speech bubble in my head too! My kids get it! They understand the power and the ability of connecting. They know our classroom goes beyond our four walls!

6.  …. and oh yeah, its beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I have been sitting here writing this post next to our Christmas tree while my house sleeps and snow falls, I love the quiet and the beauty of the snow. I am beginning to hear life upstairs. Please excuse me if I go live in my celebrations.

I am looking forward to reading gall your celebrations!


Jaana said...

Nutcracker, another daughter coming home, finding solutions and of course, #nerdlution and sharing; these are wonderful reasons to celebrate! I did no "officially" join #nerdlution, but I love reading people's post about what this has enabled them to accomplish. Kudos to you!

Leigh Anne said...

Celebrating kids at home, coming home, in the classroom. It doesn't get any better than that. I love your students' excitement about connecting with the outside world. That is still a work in progress for me.

Anita Ferreri said...

You have found so many diverse but wonderful things to celebrate this week. The Nutcracker, a child home from college, happy students, and hope for your husband. So diverse yet each so appreciated. I'll keep your husband in my prayers.

Chris said...

Lots of celebrations here! I love the responses from the kids - the online sharing is so powerful! Enjoy the calm snow and the warmth of family this weekend.

Terje said...

I like your imaginary speech bubbles. I love how all your celebrations had connections with children and adults in your life.

Teachers for Teachers said...

I am going to see a family friend in the Nutcracker tomorrow -- so excited! Congratulations on your daughter's role. I love that you signed off to go live your celebrations! I am going to go do the same -- making Christmas cookies with my son!