Sunday, October 13, 2013

Celebration~ this week with Ruth Ayers

We believe each day is a step in becoming who we will be. We understand learning is in the process, and not one step is more or less important than the one before or after. Becoming learners who believe in themselves and who are willing to take the risks necessary to grow takes deliberate patience and recognition. To enable our early learners to continue on this journey we honor all the steps on the way and use today's step to support tomorrows. 

To honor and celebrate our journey we are joining the Celebration Link-Up with Ruth Ayers. Each week Mrs. Ayers will host a Celebration Link-Up on her web site Discover, Play, BuildThis week we chose to celebrate our settings in the Link-Up.  
We Know Illustrators Use Setting to Show -

  • place
  • characters
  • feeling
  • story events
  • and to support the reader. 

Please click on the VoiceThread at the top of this page and listen to our illustrators explain their illustrations. You are encouraged to celebrate right along with us by leaving the illustrator a comment. 

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Ann Marie Corgill said...

Wow wow wow! I LOVE reading, listening, and celebrating your amazing work, kids and Mrs. Frazier! Thanks for sharing your celebrations with me! I'm going to share your work with my fourth graders next week!