Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sharing the Process Behind the Work~ Helping Parents See the Learning

The Literacy Connection provided educators with a wonderful opportunity Saturday. Educators had the privilege of hearing @RuthAyres share her thoughts on Celebrating Writers. The ideas and inspirations were amazing! You can read the tweets here #LitConn13. I am still sorting through my thoughts, but 2 things connected for me right away.
One, celebrate whatever the writer does, feedback builds relationships. 
Second,  The work our students do should look like the student and we need to share the process to help others appreciate the learning behind the work. 

I connected easily with these two ideas because I hold these same beliefs. I know appreciating the work of a young learner requires an understanding of the child and the learning process. I am working to bridge this gap in understanding for parents. This year I have found VoiceThread is perfect for bridging the gap!

VoiceThread and I have been friends for quite sometime. I continue to explore other tools looking for one that meets our needs. Some tools have come close, really close, but there just isn't anything that seems to fit as well as VoiceThread. I guess you could say VoiceThread is our glass slipper!

I love the way the VoiceThread app on the iPad allows us to create, comment and share in the moment! This on the go creation helps us capture the authenticity of the work behind the product.
Sharing in this way allows kids to revisit, share comments with friends and support families as they learn to understand the learning!

Bridging the Gap~

Work in first grade looks much like the young learners who create the work. The learning comes in the process and isn't easy for others to see in the product. VoiceThread allows us to share the learning process behind the work. Because we share the process, parents can appreciate all the hard work that goes into being a first grader.

I would love to hear how you help your parents see (or plan to) the learning behind the work. Please comment and share your ideas and thoughts.  The learning for us all is in the conversations, join in and share!

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