Saturday, April 14, 2012

Poetry Tag~ Game on!

I am so excited to announce we are ready to begin Poetry Tag! Our class will open the game Tuesday!
The kids will love sharing poems, hearing comments from others and learning new poems! This years Poetry Tag has participants from the US to Bucharest!

Here are the next steps~
  • Check the schedule to the right note your share date. (You may share before your date if you'd like) 
  • Start reading and sharing poetry with your class!
  • You may find it helpful to share Poetry Tag Time with your class to help them envision how the game will go, note the connection between poems.
  • Check the Poetry Tag VoiceThread often to hear the newest poems and leave comments.
  • As you listen to the last poem shared begin to think about poems from your class that will connect to the shared poem.
  • Upload the poem on VoiceThread and tell everyone how it connects to the previous poem and what your class enjoyed about the poem.
Ready to upload your poem? 
 Read your poem to us!
If you have questions ( I am sure you will, these directions are most likely only clear to me) or comments along the way please leave them in the comments below so we can all learn from one another. 


debf said...

Rereading this post and I am afraid the comment about directions only being clear to me came our wrong! The intended message was I am sure these directions are not as clear as I hoped they would be! So sorry if I offended anyone!! I am so not a humor writer!

Cathy said...

Game on!

Julie said...

We are excited to be part of the game! Can't wait!