Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Please Join us in a Game of Poetry Tag

Your class is invited to play Poetry Tag!
I am excited to invite your class to join this year's game of Poetry Tag! Last year as I was browsing one of my Favorite blogs, A Year of Reading, by Franki Sibberson and Mary Lee Hahn. A particular post, Poetry Picnic, caught my eye and inspired our first game of Poetry Tag. The first round of Poetry Tag connected classrooms from Colorado to Maine!

What is Poetry Tag? 
Poetry tag is simply a digital game of tag (played on VoiceThread). One class shares a poem then tags the next class and so on! The kids love sharing their favorite poems and listening to the poems posted by other classrooms, oh yeah, the kids LOVE the comments from other classes! 

Who can play? 
ANYONE! Last year’s Poetry Tag connected classrooms from Colorado to Maine. I’d love to see this year’s Poetry Tag expand our connections globally. Maybe we can get our friends in Cape Town South Africa or our friends in Romania to join us! VoiceThread allows us to ignore time zones and reach beyond our classroom walls! 

What do I need to join?
Access to group of readers, a few poems, and a computer! That's it! If you or your class would like to be a part of this year Poetry Tag please leave a comment below or send me a tweet @frazierde. 

You can read more about Sylvia Vardell co-editor of the first digital anthologies for children, PoetryTag Time here.



Cathy said...

We are in! We had so much fun last year. My class last year started their own game of poetry tag in the classroom. They even decided to write their own poems instead of finding them. It was so fun! Can't wait!

debf said...

When contacting me via twitter @frazierde please use #poetrytag.

Julie said...

Count us in too Deb! Looking forward to it. I know my kids will love it.

Cristina Milos said...

Hi Deb!
We'd love to participate but I am not sure how and which class we can tag. Let me know more via DM on Twitter.
Thank you!

Jill Fisch said...

We are in! Thanks for hosting this again this year.

Karen said...

Promise to give me more voice thread lessons this summer and next year, I'd be glad to join!

debf said...

I am looking forward to our summer pd!

Maria said...

Would love to join you, but I am like Karen I need some more voice thread lessons. Hopefully can join you for summer PD.