Sunday, March 11, 2012

Here a QR Code, There are QR Code, Everywhere a QR Code!

QR Codes in Parent Communication~
QR Codes (Quick Read) have been popping up everywhere! I love the ease of scanning the code and being seamlessly connected to a web page. In effort to make home school connections easier for parents I use QR codes! Family folders have a QR code that links parents to our classroom web page. Student book selection folders have QR codes to link parents to our classroom Shelfari page. QR codes are printed on address labels with password information for the web sites we use in our classroom. I even had one student who brought in his own QR codes. One code shared his current game on Hero Factory and another shared a writing piece. K was so excited about his QR codes he insisted I get my phone and scan the codes right away. Of course, I honored his request but, I wondered what someone might think if they walked in to see me and 10 first graders crowed around my phone.

QR Codes in Published Writing~
The young writer's in our room publish their writing on VoiceThread. In addition, these published books are displayed in our classroom and available for students to read during the day or take home as a daily book choice.  Thanks to my WONDERFUL parent volunteer these published student books now have QR codes on the inside cover! These codes will enable students and parents to easily access the story on VoiceThread where they can see and hear the young author read the book!

QR Codes Make the Walls Talk
This QR code connects the reader to a VoiceThread where students explain their animal, it's habitat. how the animal meets it's basic needs in their environment and makes connections to other Ohio animals by listening and commenting on the VT's of the others students. 
QR codes have opened new and convenient was to share our learning! You can create your own QR codes at Kaywa. VoiceThread also has a mobile app for the iPhone, iPad and iPhone making these talking walls a great way to share our learning!


Cathy said...

Thank you for sharing the way you are using QR codes to share the work of your students. It is a great reminder of the many opportunities we have to connect and celebrate the work students do in our classrooms and share it with others.


Liz Hoffner said...


I would like to knowifyou you must have the app in order to view Voicethread from code. I have done VTs before but would like to create qr codes to view them. Having trouble getting them to view on both apple and android platforms. I am wondering if we need to tell parents to download app first before coming to the open house.

debf said...

First I would say make sure you have the VT open to anyone to view (I am sure you know this)I have the app on my iPad and it works for me, I am guessing this is why. Remember iPad doesn't have a flash player…making VT only viewable through the app on iPad and iPhone.
I wish I was more help! Good Luck, I hope you will stop back and tell me how it went!
Thanks for stopping by to read!

Jamie Lightfoot said...

Hi- loved that you had the parents make the QR codes- wish I had thought of that :)
I am a school library teacher and I had my students write and record a book review of their favorite books. They recorded them in VoiceThread and then I made them each a QR code which they pasted into their books. When we went to watch them today in iPads we were getting a message about needing Flash 7. Any ideas? I have the iPad app. I did this with three classes so I am hoping I can get it figured out :)
Thanks and I plan on sharing your idea for the QR code in their own works with classroom teachers!!

debf said...

I know my reply is long over due and you have most likely solved your problem. I am sorry to be so late.
Yes, the iPad won't play VoiceThreads unless you have the app. The app is available in the app store and its FREE! If you down load the app the codes will run through the app!