Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kids Speak! 2011~ Authentic Voices of Children Around the World!

 Kids Speak 2011 was launched with the wonders of my first grade students. The first graders began to wonder about the ways people around the world meet their needs. They also wondered how their daily lives may be similar or different from others in our world. The wonders of the kids were posted around our world map, recorded into VoiceThread and then shared with teachers around the world! (Italy, Romania, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Guatemala, United States and Canada!) 

The first grader's are excited! Kids Speak has been live for only 3 days and comments have been posted from Texas, Ohio, Iowa and Bucharest Romania and…more comments are coming!

Check back often to hear the newest additions to Kids Speak as our Global Classrooms begin to answer questions, post their own wonders and add new slides! 

If your class would like to be a part of Kids Speak contact @frazierde on Twitter or visit our Global Classroom Wiki to register! 
You may also be interested in browsing the Global Classroom Project Blog for other Global Classroom projects going on now. Projects are available for classrooms of all ages! 


Kid World Citizen said...

This is so cool! Congratulations on a successful project. Are you still accepting "entries"? I can post a link if you would like:). Let me know how long you will do it for...

debf said...

Kids World Citizen~
Thanks for your interest in Kids Speak! If you'd like to be a member of Kids Speak please contect me @frazierde on twitter. You can also register and learn about other global classroom projects by visiting our wiki.
Most projects run one school year (Sept.-Jan)
I am wondering...
Where are you from? What grade do you teach? Do you have an Educator VoiceThread account?

Becky said...

I just stumbled across this project *again*!!! I am actually a high school teacher- but taking a break until next year when my youngest will be in kinder. I currently train teachers, and run, where I share ideas to help teachers and parents teach their kids about the world. I'm always, always on the look-out for cool global collaboration projects that get elementary students connected to the world. Can I feature this project on my site? :)