Sunday, October 30, 2011

Authentic Voices of Children World Wide- Kids Speak ~2011-2012

We are ready to get Kids Speak up and running!  Last year’s Global Classroom VoiceThread provided amazing opportunities for kids around the world! Kids listened to the voices and thoughts of kids, just like them, in all parts of the world! They asked each other questions and shared their interest!  
The kids were amazed with the simplest  things, things we don’t even think about. Accents, what animals you see in your neighborhood, games you play at recess and where you food shop just to name a few!

We hope to have KidsSpeak up late this week or early next week!

In keeping with the authenticity of Kids Speak~

We are planning to start off by asking the kids~ "What do you WONDER about the way people live in different parts of the world?"
We will post these wonders around the world map hanging in our classroom.

Then, the kids will work together to create a VT introducing themselves, our classroom & our building to our new Global Classroom!

From there, kids from all over the world (maybe even your kids) will ask each other questions in an authentic way by adding slides to the VoiceThread and commenting back and forth to one another!

Please let us know if your class would like to be a part of this years Kids Speak. If so please provide us with your email in the comments below so we may add you to our VoiceThread account. (If you prefer to keep your email private please tell us in your comment.) You will need to sign up for a VT Educator account. (A free account should be fine)

We are excited to get Kids Speak running!

Remember this is an authentic project created by the kids and 100% kid inspired, the beauty of Kids Speak!

Kids Speak is a K-3 project, but if you are interested in connecting your class globally we hope you'll visit the Global Classroom Project 2011-2012 to see the WORLD of possibilites in Global Connections!


MarySue Gulick said...

Count us in! We just started using VT thanks to you and Jill Fisch. My e-mail is Thanks!

Anna Bring said...

I teach 10th grader and for now We are a bit short on time. But right before christmas I would like to do a VT about Xmas. I would love to give my students the opportunity to listen and comment even if we can't contribute that much.

debf said...

Mary Sue~
Aww, so happy to have helped find the joy of VoiceThread! Look for a VoiceThread soon!

debf said...

We are happy to have you, lets us know when you're ready and we will set it all up!