Friday, April 22, 2011

VoiceThread Expands our Community~Ohio to Colorado!

Today we connected with new friends in Colorado through VoiceThread! Jill Fisch, a first grade teacher in Colorado and twitter friend of mine, posted this tweet~
 Jill Fisch  
My 1st graders are climbing the walls- literally. Here is a Voice Thread (without voices) of their climbing experiences
This post really intrigued me, I had to see more! After browsing their VoiceThread I knew my first graders would be excited to see these first graders "climbing the walls-literally." So,  I asked Mrs.Fisch if our class could comment on their climbing Voicethread. She of course, welcomed the idea! (Thanks Mrs. Fisch)

So, today we began our journey by looking at a map to locate Colorado. The kids were so excited to comment to first graders "All the way in Colorado!" The excitement only grew as they viewed the VoiceThread. Mrs. Fisch's class was LITERALLY climbing the walls in first grade! 

The comments of the class were authentic and full of awe! Rock climbing in Ohio is only at Dicks! (right?) But, In Colorado it's right in their gym! 

Please take some time to listen to a few of the comments from both Mrs. Fisch's class and ours. Mrs. Fisch's class comments can be heard by clicking on her photo. Click here to see Mrs.Fisch's blog about our special day "together."

Our student teacher Miss Ross noted the culture difference evident between flat Ohio and Colorado as she listened to the amazement in the voices of the kids! This just might be the "hook" we need as begin our look at cultures!  


Jill Fisch said...

Thank you for sharing your class with us yesterday. We loved hearing the comments from your class - especially when they used our names. The kids really felt like your kids were talking directly to us. It was wonderful for us to have such an authentic audience. We plan to check out some of the Voice Threads that your class has created on the books that they have read. We look forward to learning with you all soon.

Julie said...

How exciting to connect with another class across the country! Love it!!

debf said...

Jill & Julie~
This experience has reinforced all the reasons I love all my new tech tools! The kids were genuinely excited and in awe of the opportunity to make new friends in Colorado! I can still see their adorable excited faces and now EVERYONE can hear the excitement in their voices too!
Another bonus...We did all this with my wonderful student teacher who also sees the power of technology and collaborating! I feel we have really made a difference for years to come!
Jill, We would love hearing from your class in our VoiceThread! I would love to add you as a member on VT's. If you send me your email I will add you! (DM me @frazierde)