Monday, April 18, 2011

Gifts from Debbie Miller!

This year my birthday was extra special! 
I had the opportunity to spend my birthday watching a master teacher in action. As a culmination to our study with The Literacy Connection, Debbie visited Wickliffe Progressive School. Debbie's words were soothing and inspiring. She has a way of making kids and teachers feel like they can do anything!  
It was a gift to watch Debbie work with kids and listen to her thoughts.  She left me with many "gifts."

  • ·      I used to think... and now I am thinking.
  • ·      You think one thing, you get new information and your thinking changes and grows bigger.
  • ·      The best thinking leaks on through. 
  • ·      Teaching grows stronger when we share.
  • ·      Keep things predictable so the unpredictable can happen.
  • ·      If it's perfect we aren’t pushing ourselves or the kids.
  • ·      We want kids to respond in real time. Active readers think while they read. They don't wait until the end to respond.
  • ·      It's not about telling, it’s about discovery.   
  • ·      Value where your kids are now. This value brings joy to your teaching.
  • ·      Guide readers vs. guided reading

Watching Debbie work with kids and listening to her reflections on teaching was a gift to my kids and me. I hope to continue to reflect on her words and ideas as I work with my class and mentor my student teacher.

 The community of learners in the room also inspired me. Debbie provided many chances for us to talk about our thinking and process our new learning. Listening to the thoughts of other teachers made the conversations that much richer. To read more about Debbie's work visit  Enjoy and Embrace Learning, Literate Lives and A Year of Reading. You can also read tweets from the day #litconn11.

I would like to thank the Literacy Connection for providing this wonderful experience!
The Literacy Connection is a wonderful community of life long learners! 


Mandy said...

I love that you captured this thought, Value where your kids are. This value brings joy to your teaching. Joy is what we all need to continue our journeys.

debf said...

I do think we can get blinded by all the responsibilities of our job and loose sight of the joy in our room. We are so lucky to work with such vibrant minds, let them show us the joy!