Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Ideal Classroom-Reflection 1-Teaching with Intention Debbie Miller

Debbie Miller begins her book Teaching with Intention with a challenge. She challenges the reader to envision the ideal classroom, to think big and consider the look,the feel,the smells, and the people of this ideal classroom. What are the students and teachers of this ideal classroom doing? Debbie Miller then asks the reader to look into their own classroom. Does the classroom reflect your beliefs?
I decided to take a minute and jot down what I envision in my perfect classroom~
My ideal classroom is visually colorful, full of great books and the learning we do is everywhere! When others walk into our room they know what we are learning because they see it hanging on the walls, in our book baskets, and on the web! 

The tools are accessible and organized by the students for their use.

The room feels warm and inviting, as all the people in this class are respectful of each other, the tools, and the learning itself.

The classroom has a comfortable buzz. (The buzz of engaged students talking about their work). The students are engaged and working all around the room creating, thinking and learning. The kids are applying the learning from mini lessons in new and creative ways.

Students are flexible with their media and take the learning beyond our classroom.

The teacher? She is somewhere in the mix of the kids. She is jotting notes about what the kids are doing and making instructional decisions.The teacher is asking questions that drive and extend the thinking of the students.

Some elements of the classroom are within the teachers control as they design the environment and the instructional framework. But all teachers meet challenges that seem to be beyond their control. But, the great teachers create classrooms that appear to have endless blocks of time for learning, free of interruptions and pullouts. Where kids spontaneously talk about their learning, with the buzz of conversation low enough for everyone to work comfortably. These teachers find time to reflect on their teaching, the data and apply all to tomorrow's lesson. In my ideal classroom I will be that teacher!

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  1. I like the sound of that classroom. I particularly like the focus on the teacher being 'amongst' the students not 'in front' of them. The final point that mentions the teachers reflective practice is something I have come to value so much in the past 12 months when beginning blogging and reading other teachers blogs.
    Great Post !

  2. Deb,
    Thanks for sharing your reflections of "Teaching with Intention". As someone who lives across the hall from you, I'm pretty sure I have the "ideal location". You are so good at capturing learning moments in your room. I'm glad you are sharing them with us.

    I'm thrilled you are stepping into the blogging world. You managed the 2nd post. For some reason that was one of the hardest for me. You are so good at remembering the details of learning stories within your classroom walls. I look forward to reading them right here at Primary Perspective.


  3. Cathy~ Thank you for encouraging me to take this leap! I am sure I too have the "ideal location" across the hall from you. You are so good at seeing the next step in my path and leading me kindly to success in meeting each one!
    Ccoffa~You were not only my FIRST post but also my FIRST GLOBAL post! Thank you for reading!

  4. Deb,

    Thanks for the shout out and linking my thinking for the class. I'm glad you took the plunge to join the blogging world. To turn in our blog postings, highlight and copy the text in compose mode then you can paste it in a word document to turn in. Looking forward to more thinking.

  5. Deb
    We are currently on summer holiday in Melbourne Australia - but in early February we return to school and I work with other teachers of young children - 5 - 8 year olds. They love blogging, Twitter and Skype. Perhaps we could connect the classes. ??

  6. Welcome to the blogging world! I am so happy that you decided to take the plunge. I enjoyed reading your post and am looking forward to more! Julie