Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brontorina by James Howe/VoiceThread

Today as I was walking my class to special our media center specialist, Jill was waving her arms wildly to grab my attention. I am always excited to talk to Jill. She shares new books and old favorites that are always perfect for my class. Today she shared Brontorina by James Howe.

...And it all began with a dream!
Brontorina the dinosaur dreamed of being a dancer, a ballet dancer. When she went to visit Madame Lucille's dance academy she was confronted with many challenges! Despite the many challenges the boys and girls of the dance academy begged Madame Lucille to allow Brontorina to dance! The pleas of the children of the dance academy will warm any teachers heart!
 The main character being a dinosaur not only makes the story what it is but, it captures the boys, who may have been unsure of the ballet dream. By the end of the story the oh's and aw's were unanimous!
This book is great for for any classroom and demonstrates community building and caring.

Listen here to what our class had to say about Brontorina.

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