Friday, March 9, 2018

Shared Knowledge is Powerful: SOLSC Day 9

This has been a busy week at school.  In both of my buildings,  I had a day of planning with grade level teams.  Grade level is a day (or two) of coaches, the media specialist, and teachers sitting around the table discussing student needs, curriculum,  best practice, and how we can work together to support students.

This week we made a few changes to our meeting plans to help us be sure the teachers would look forward to coming, and they would leave with new thinking and plans for their students.

First, we made an agenda for the meeting.  Each team knew what to expect, and teachers knew what they would take away from the meeting. To help jump-start teachers to think about how we could support their needs we created a choice board and emailed to them along with the agenda before the meeting. The choice board included blended learning ideas for math, reading and writing lessons that reflect current classroom needs or that can be quickly adjusted to fit any grade level or tailored to meet more individual needs.

Next, we started the meeting with five minutes of fun.  This weeks fun was a white elephant gift from your classroom.  Five minutes of fun was a great way to relieve the stress teachers may have been feeling.

Finally, a Two Minute Tech Tease.  During this time we provided a quick glance at an app and discussed the possible uses in the classroom.

I want to thank my amazing coaching team and Jim Smalley for the all the ideas that helped us make these two days so worthwhile to everyone!
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