Friday, March 16, 2018

Really? Ninety-nine iMessage Alerts? SOLSC Day 16

Day 17, Slice of Life Writing Challenge and still my writing is surprising me.  I didn't see this one coming when I sat down to write, but here it is...

Really? Ninety-nine imessage alerts?

I worked with first grade- my watched tapped my arm.

I worked with teachers- my watched tapped my arm.

I checked slice of life comments- my watch tapped my arm.

I said a prayer of well being for a friend- my watched tapped my arm.

I prayed for one daughter's safe flight- my watch tapped my arm.

I ate lunch- my watched tapped my arm.

I sat in a meeting- my watch tapped my arm.

I sat in my car, pulled out my phone and

My friend's surgery went well.

All our friend's prayers were answered.

My daughter landed safely.

My family expressed their gratitude.

My dad is feeling better as his Shingles begin to heal.

A teaching friend chased a dog off the playground,

While the first graders paniced!

My husband will be home early.

A teacher wondered about her kids blogging on spring break.

Now, one more daughter in the air...

I am praying for her safety.

At 12:01 am she'll be home,


I'll put my watch away for spring break!


  1. 99! Wowza! A lady with connections! A lady who communicates! A lady in the know! I loved this slice. Thanks so much for sharing.
    One day last week, I was thinking to myself about how all I'd gotten done that day was to clean up my 256 emails. Maybe that was a passed opportunity for a slice!

  2. Whoosh, what a whirlwind of events and thoughts to take one in so many directions. I love how you formatted this slice and it is so you. I'm so glad you are spring break. Well deserved.

  3. I think you should keep that watch on for sure! Look at all the great stories being sent your way. I was so relieved to hear the surgery went well. Prayers answered.

    Glad to hear your girls are headed home. I know you will enjoy your time with them. Happy Spring Break!!