Thursday, March 1, 2018

Expect the Unexpected: Slice of Life Day 1

Being an instructional technology coach comes with certain and unmentioned expectations. For example, when I walk into a classroom, teachers expect me to know more about technology than they than they do. This is rarely the case. They expect I will be able to help students learn about apps. In actuality, the students teach me. Teachers expect I won't have any technical issues. I have tech issues a hundred times a day! Teachers absolutely didn't expect what I did today, and neither did I! 

It was a typical reading workshop. I watched as readers snapped pictures of their books to create a BookSnaps. I listened as readers launched debates about the most important part of the story. I chuckled as book characters were considered and brought to life in Chatterpix. Just a fun reading workshop in second grade. 

Suddenly, there was an awful sound. I turned and locked eyes with two innocent and confused girls. I immediately said, "Turn down your volume please." The girls looked at me wide-eyed and turned their innocent iPad screens to me. 

That's when I realized the noise was coming from MY ARM! Yes, my arm! Somehow I had hit the 911 alert on my Apple watch! I hit cancel and walked quietly to the classroom teacher and said, "Please call the office and tell them I accidentally called 911." As the office laughed and asked WHO it was that made such a massive blunder my watch began to ring! It was indeed the 911 operator who wanted to ensure we were safe and not in need of assistance! 

All day long teachers and the principal chuckled at the instructional technology coach who accidentally called 911!
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