Wednesday, March 1, 2017


We are a pretty typical family, two kids a cat and a life in suburbia. Our first family change happened when our oldest daughter went away to college, 20 minutes away. Yes, college was close but not having her snoring under the same roof as the three of us was an adjustment.

 Somehow, we managed, and life became a new normal until the day our youngest daughter applied and was accepted to a university a mere ten hours and five states away from home. This same year our oldest daughter applied and was accepted to intern with THE Mouse Mickey Mouse, that is, maybe you know him? He lives at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida, a mere 14 hours and six states away from our home. So there we were full on EMPTY nesters!

We puttered about our once small and now big house. We redecorated a few rooms, readjusted to our new liberties over the T.V. remote, the (lack of) noise level, and cooking (or not) for two. It was again our new normal. Were we lonely? We didn't know, not yet anyway. Then, the oldest finished her internship with the mouse and returned home to finish her final year of college. It was harder than one might believe to go back to cooking, handing over the TV remote, and adjusting to the new volume level of our house. But, here we were again adjusting to yet another new normal.

We plodded along through the school months, nothing outstanding happening just living our third new normal. Then, the letters starting flooding our oldest daughters inbox. She was applying to grad schools, and it appears she's a strong candidate. Schools (only one in Ohio) began inviting her to interviews, and our daughter was filled with excited for the new possibilities!

So, this weekend with one daughter on speaker phone, one beside me with her laptop, and me with the family calendar we scheduled parent weekend with one daughter and three flights, spring break to bring us all together for a week and one flight, grad school interviews and two flights. The time we spend together use to be the norm, but today I realized the time we spend together is rare, and soon our newest normal will be even more complicated with two college schedules, three states, and one family calendar.

We are too busy scheduling, planning and readjusting to know!

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