Thursday, March 16, 2017

It's All So, Liv! SOLSC Day 16

Today our school was invited to a neighboring school to watch their fifth grade play.  The school happens to be my daughters' former elementary school.  As soon as I walked in the building, I was catapulted back to my time there as a parent.  I almost forgot the class of twenty-six seven-year-olds trailing behind me!

I turned to take in all that was once familiar (which was mystifying because our school is identical to this one, so when visiting I often have to remind myself which building I am actually in, but the heart aching for when my daughters walked through these halls answered any and all confusions.  Suddenly and almost instantly, I was brought back to reality when I turned and tripped over two of my students.

Back into teacher mode, I guided my students into the gym to take our seats for the play.  The lights dimmed, the music began, and the risers filled with students began to sing.  My mind flashed back once again.  This time to a distinct memory, an embarrassing memory, a memory that made me laugh.

When the performance finished I looked for the music teacher to tell her how much we enjoyed the play and to thank her for having us.  Of course, I had to share my memory.

"Do you remember when Livi told me she had to have a white button down blouse for a special performance?  I ran out to buy her one, then as all the kids filled the gym there they were, 149 first graders in their school spirit shirts and Livi in her fancy white button down blouse."

The music teacher remembered, we laughed and I cringed once again in embarrassment! So fitting, Livi is now a fashion merchandising major. It' all so, Liv!


  1. This transported me all the way back to my elementary school days and one of my first band concerts. I was absent the day the teacher told us the expected concert attire: black skirt and white blouse. Why I didn't hear about it from a friend, I don't know. But in my thinking, and my mom's, it was a special occasion... so there I was in my best mint green dress in the sea of black and white.

  2. Love this story! I have some of those same nostalgic feelings when I enter the doors of my sons' former elementary many memories! ~JudyK

  3. I loved this line..." Suddenly and almost instantly, I was brought back to reality when I turned and tripped over two of my students."

    And what a great story about Liv!