Monday, March 20, 2017

I Am Happy I Did: SOLSC Day 20

A few years ago Lisa wrote a post about what she was happy she had done. I was inspired to do the same.
So in no particular order... here it is! 

Married my high school sweetheart
Moved to Japan for four years

Had two great girls 
Raised strong
independent daughters

Chose to live close to our families in adult life
Stayed in our house so the girls could stay 
with their friends through school

Bought the girls the Ragdoll kitty
they begged to have

Say I love you to my girls every day
Read books to them every night
no fail (birth to 13)

Let the girls go to college out of state
Go to the beach each summer

Learned to like coffee and craft beers
I always say yes ice cream 
Said yes to breakfast for dinner

Started blogging and Tweeting
Connected me and my classroom to a global community

Chose to be a special needs teacher to help kids like my sister
Recognized when I needed to change my teaching focus when I was feeling icky in special education

Spent the nights with my sister the
week she died

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