Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday Night Is My Night! SOLSC day 3

Ah, It's Friday! I honestly LOVE being in the classroom with my kids but by the time, Friday evening rolls around all I want to do is sink into my couch, order a pizza and turn into a lump!  Friday night is MY evening, and nothing else matters.  My family has come to accept this, and they know we will be ordering in dinner!

Tonight's Friday evening began with a pedicure! Ah, every week should end with a good pedicure. As my feet I soaked in the bowl, I planned my dinner.  My favorite nail shop is right next to a pizza place, and the smell of garlic and butter wafting through the wall made tonight's plan a cinch!

After my pedicure, I grabbed a pizza and headed home. I walked in the door pizza in hand.  My husband met me in the kitchen with plates, (paper of course) and napkins.  We plopped on the big comfy couch, turned on a movie and there we sit!

Forgive for the short and raw post tonight, but tonight is my night!

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