Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Do You Go With Tim? Slice of Life 2017

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Most people like their coffee in the morning, but for me, I like an afternoon coffee.  So the afternoon I drove up to the window of my neighborhood Starbucks, it was a typical afternoon.  But what happened next took me back (just a few years) to middle school.

As the barista handed me my coffee, she asked, "Do you go with someone named Tim?"  The query was so random and oddly stated that I couldn't help but repeat her exact words but in the form of a statement laughing through it all,  "Yes, I go with Tim."

As if this whole exchange wasn't weird enough she stepped back from the drive-through window and announced to the entire staff of barista's (and if they were listening to the whole coffee shop), "Hey, this is Deb, she goes with Tim, so if you see Deb you'll, know she goes with Tim." The baristas crowded the window waved and greeted me by name.

I am still puzzling over the exchange at the coffee shop.  The best I can come up with is it's my husbands extremely unique coffee order,(five shots of espresso over ice in a Venti cup) and my Starbucks is a good ol' neighborhood shop where everybody knows your name. Except, instead of shouting Norm, they'll be shouting "Tim, Deb!"


glenda funk said...

Oh how fun! You should ask the baristas why they want to know if you "go with Tim." Also, I was pleasantly surprised by your post. I expected something political. Glad I was wrong.

Eden Stein said...

I love this noticing and reminder of how an ordinary moment of the day can be turned into something that "perks" you up, just be someone paying attention! Thank you.

Teachers for Teachers said...

That is such an odd way of asking, but I guess they did not want to assume marriage??? Glad you took the time to laugh and appreciate the slices that make up our days!


BethMooreTCRWP said...

Hahahahaha! Life is funny, right? I love that you just went with it. Way to embrace it.