Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Book moments -Slice of Life

As a first grade teacher I feel my greatest responsibility is creating readers who read for life and not just for school. In this effort I add drama and excitement to all things books! Just this week I paused before reading a special book. I wanted the kids to know the story behind this story. I wanted them to know this was one of my daughter's favorite stories. Lexi fell in love with this story the first time Miss Bonnie read it at our library story time. I shared this story, and all the feelings a mom has remembering her grown daughter as a toddler with the kids. I asked them about favorite stories they have, I asked them about attending story times and reading in their mommy's lap.  The kids awed and smiled at all the right times. We were having a book moment.

Taking advantage of this moment I dramatically explained how books and stories become a part of us. The characters of the story, the phrase and the feelings of a book stay with you long after the book has been closed. I explained how I miss the characters of a story when the book is finished and how I make friends when I read.

With this I opened Little Rabbit Foo Foo, Michael Rosen and Arthur Rosen and began to read. We weren't
even done with page one when I could hear the kids beginning to sign the song. I stopped and smiled, this is a story that must be sung! The kids saw it right away and they were  a step ahead of me and already hooked!

After we finished the book we talked about how fun the story was and how we would be hearing the song in our heads all day! Then, the book was put away and the lesson faded into the day and I hoped I had set the expectations that books live within us forever.

Fast forward to the next morning. The bell rang, and I stood at the door waiting for kids to arrive. In the distance I could hear two voices singing "Little Rabbit Foo Foo I don't like your attitude..." I looked in the direction of the voices and saw two of my girls skipping (yes, skipping) toward our room singing our book and holding hands! (Yes, I am paid for this!  Can you believe they pay me to witness this joy?)

This book moment will make me smile for ever more. Not only do I have the memory of my daughter in book love, but now I have memories of these two and there book love! I know this book will be with them forever too.


Tara Smith said...

What a great classroom experience - that's what nurturing readers is all about.

Kimberley Moran said...

That moment when your kids get who you really are is such an important one. I read Extra Yarn to my first graders and they were church silent the whole time because they knew I loved to knit and that kindness is a priority for me. At the end they couldn't stop talking about how they'll never hear this book without thinking of me. It's such a special place that only teachers understand.

Karen said...

I love that you shared a favorite of your girls with a new generation. Hearing you tell about how Lexi fell in love with Little Rabbit Foo Foo reminds me al too well of Kate's favorite, P. J. Funnybunny. We read it over and over.
Thanks for reviving that memory!