Tuesday, July 14, 2015

3 Splashes of Summer

I grew up with a pool in my backyard and a pool pass in my bag so to say I am a self-proclaimed pool princess seems fitting! My summers are planned around trips to the pool and the beach, it's just a regular part of my day in the summer. No questions asked, I will be in the water each and every sunny day June-August. So when the summer comes and there are no sunny pool days and your family vacation to the beach is transformed into moving a daughter to a college 4 states away what do you do?

Well, If you had told me this would be my summer I might have curled into a ball and cried or reverted back to my 2 year old self and screamed and cried. But no one told me this would be my summer. Instead opportunities (aka splashes) filled my calendar. Opportunities I had no idea were coming my way. Opportunities that filled my soul and gave me the confidence and discipline to learn about myself as a writer.

1st Splash~
Julie Johnson a colleague and friend extended an invitation to participate in the Columbus Area Writing Project (CAWP) to me and 6 of my colleagues.  We met at THE Ohio State University each day for 2 weeks. We conferred, we shared and of course we wrote everyday for 4-6 hours. I learned a few things about myself as a writer.

  • I need a busy place to write. Busy with people I don't know, like my favorite coffee shop where I am sitting in right now. 
  • Spotify has amazing playlist that really help me focus and produce.
  • It takes me about 45 minutes to find that little voice whispering inside my head. 
  • I can write for about 2-4 hours if I find the zone. 
  • Commas still terrify me! 
  • The 3 finger tap on the upper side of the track pad on a Mac brings up a thesaurus(my BFF).
  • I LOVE feedback! 
  • My words can surprise me and I love it when they do!
  • My words sometimes do not convey my intended message. 
  • I have a process! It's a bit crazy and maybe even a bit ritualistic, but it's mine! 
This splash was a huge confidence booster for me. I learned about myself as a writer and I faced a long time fear.  As a college student I avoided The Ohio State University. It's big, really big and I wasn't sure I would find my way around, I wasn't sure I was ready for the academic challenge. So when Julie invited me in CAWP through The Ohio State University I was nervous, very nervous! But guess what? I didn't get lost and I wrote, and I wrote, and I wrote! Now I waiting for the revisions and edits to come back… this will be a whole new learning curve and I can't wait! 

2nd Splash~
I am joining Two Writing Teachers (TWT) as a co-author! Did I really just type that? Is this really true? I have admired the work shared at TWT for a very long time and when they said they were looking to expand their team I knew I was looking to write more, increase my writing community and I began to feel a little nudge… (thanks @CathyMere and @KarenTerlecky). Cathy and Karen are long time mentors to me and having them behind me gave me the confidence to apply as a co-author. I am so glad I did, I have been wanting to write more and I know having deadlines, a team and this amazing audience will help me grow and learn right along side all of you! I am looking forward to a long and rewarding journey with TWT! Buckle up! 

3rd Splash~
For the first time I attended #nErDcampmi! I have followed the tweets on Twitter and read many reflective post on all there is to gain by attending #nErDcampmi, but nothing could have really expressed the empowering feeling of being amidst authors, bloggers, administrators, teachers, media specialist all ready to share and learn together in one space! Walking through #nErDcampmi you might brush elbows with those you've followed and admired and then learn they are just as happy to meet you and to learn from YOU. At #nErDcamp we all have one common goal- Learn all we can to support kids! This  one goal levels all playing fields and brings together a powerful group of educators!  I have a notebook crammed with new ideas, book titles and apps all to explore! While #nErDcampmi is amazing inside the camp the learning and growing began on the car ride to Michigan! Car PD up and back continued to fill my notebook! Thanks @JosieStewart, @MarissaReads and @KarenTerlecky for all the learning and miles of laughs! 

So while the summer weather in my neck of the woods has severally altered my self-proclaimed status as a pool princess I am overwhelmed by the splashes of my summer!  I truly believe everything works out for the best, and if it was a beautiful sunny summer how would I have fit it all in?  

Thanks for stopping by to read and I look forward to browsing your post and learning alongside you! 



Maria said...

Hooray for new splashes!! I'm excited to watch your journeys continue. Happy writing!!

Diane Andeson said...

So great that those splashes brought fun and renewal into your summer...hopefully some sunny days will come, too! (Pool princess- so funny, full of self confidence and not taking yourself too seriously- love it!)

Deborah Bussewitz said...

I love this, Deb. You recognize the splashes that came your way. I hope you have a few pool days! And congratulations on becoming a part of TWT as an author. I look forward to your contribution.

writekimwrite said...

I really like the way you crafted this and it holds such an important life lesson! How refreshing that you were open to a summer that was different than what you expected! The "splashes" instead of the usual "swimming"! I look forward to learning from you through TWT!

Linda Baie said...

Your splashes sound very, very big, Deb. I will love seeing what you will be sharing on TWT, and also am envious you did that writing at Ohio State with such a group. It sounds awesome, as does Nerdcamp. What a splashy summer, and it's not over!

Fran McCrackin said...

Love the honesty as you -bemusedly- chart your personal progression as a writer!

Miss King said...

Great post! It sounds as though your "splashes" were great experiences. I am also teach in Central Ohio! I heard about Nerd Camp for the first time, recently. It sounds fabulous.
Miss King's Enchanted Kingdom

Stacey Shubitz said...

Three wonderful splashes. All different, all important. So glad the second one is happening!

BTW: It's hard for me to believe Alabama is only four states away. Seems like the distance between Ohio and Alabama would be much greater. (Spoken like a true East Coaster who has driven from Maine to PA in nine hours (that's six states in a day).

Tammy and Clare said...

It is so exciting that you have 3 new splashes to celebrate - YEAH! We love the way you wrote what you learned about yourself as a writer. This is such a powerful line - My words can surprise me and I love it when they do!

Susan Dee said...

I love the way you framed this piece around the pool and splashes! As a fellow self proclaimed "pool princess" I quickly identified!

I'm so excited for you as you start the "splash" of contributing to TWT!

Congratulations, cousin! :-)

Michelle said...

Love how you wrote this slice too, Deb! You are dripping with new opportunities and excitement! Congrats!

Tara Smith said...

Fabulous splashes! The writing project work sounds amazing - some day I hope to join one in NJ, too.

Julie Johnson said...

I love how you have found other ways to play in the pool. :) I am so excited for you joining the TWT!! Congratulations Deb!!