Monday, February 16, 2015

Math Investigations and Twitter

#MathMonday is hosted by @MandyRobek on her blog Enjoy and Embrace. #MathMondays provides teachers a place to come together and share math learning, ask questions and grow as  lead mathematicians in the classrooms.  I hope you stop by and read more math thinking and share your thoughts in the comments, we would love it if you joined us!  You can also find more math talk by following #MathMonday on twitter. 

Math is everywhere and I am passionate about kids asking questions, exploring and solving real 
math in our workshop. Our most recent math inquiry came from a student who commented, "I think addition is like subtraction."  Many students agreed while some disagreed, this discussion grew and became the focus of our math work for many days. As we investigated our questions we decided to share our question on twitter to gain new ideas. 

Soon Tweets were filling our Twitter feed! Watching the tweets come in with mathematicians from @MrsMaleysclass and @MsBaydasclass in Saskatchewan Canada was exciting and lead to new strategies for investigation. 

Then, Wonderopolis Tweeted us…

We know it takes a LOOONG time to get a wonder published, but if we make it we will  let everyone know! 

Then, this tweet from our district math coach appeared in our feed

Which lead to the investigation shared here in this Educreations. 

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