Friday, January 2, 2015

Listen to My One Little Word~

I have been reading post and tweets about One Little Word (OLW) for a few years.  The thought of OLW being present in your day is intriguing.  I find it fascinating how one word can open opportunities and provide purpose to our lives.  I haven't publicly declared OLW, but I have noticed OLW chasing me and filtering my thoughts and choices.

The OLW that has been speaking to me and in everything I do is perspective.  Perspective reminds me others have different views based on their life stories.  Perspective reminds me to consider different ways of looking at things.  We can be quick to consider (or even judge) events in life from our own perspective, leading us to false assumptions.  I have found pausing to consider the intentions of others opens my mind and allows better understanding and more positive thoughts.

The Power of Words~
Having felt the power of OLW lurking about I have decided to declare OLW for 2015.  I am choosing a word that will enable me to be more present in my life.  As the mom of a high school senior and college junior and a teacher of 6 and 7 year olds I am reminded daily how fast life changes. Unfortunately, I am also reminded how often I am distracted.  My body is in the room, but my mind if drifting to what's next.  I am missing the power of words, feelings, needs and questions all be directed to me. I am missing the opportunity to learn, understand and grow with those around me.

Being Present in the Moments of Now~
So in 2015 I will be more present, I will learn from others, I will have a growing awareness of others thoughts, questions and needs. In 2015 I will listen with intention.  I will listen with the purpose of understanding.

As I was pondering what OLW might be looking for me and whether I would declare OLW in 2015 I goggled One Little Word… here's where I landed.  I think my OLW and I have officially met.
 "Wisdom will come as we listen to learn." --Russell M. Nelson


  1. Deb,
    Love your word. I think you are already quite in tune with the perspectives of others, but know you will find opportunities in your new word.


  2. Deb,
    I'm so glad you shared with me your post directly via twitter. I loved reading the line where OLW was chasing you around. I think everyone who crosses your path this year will be blessed to have you listening with more intention. I'm going to be in that path this year!

  3. Not only is this word wonderful, but I love the image you choose to capture your word. Sometimes we take such offense to someone putting up their hand to get us to stop talking. What if it's because they just want us to listen? That's an important distinction, don't you think?

    Good luck on your journey with your OLW.