Thursday, July 17, 2014

Wild Reader Scavenger Hunt~ #LetsBringReadingBack

                     I am on a Mission and I Need You!                                               
                  #LetsBringReadingBack the Way JT brought S**y Back~                                                                               (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

As a part of my summer I am participating in #CyberPd. We're reading Reading in the Wild by Donalyn Miller, @donalynbooks.
(#Cyberpd is hosted by @cathymere at Reflect & Refine@laurakomos at Ruminate and Invigorate and @litlearningzone at Literacy Zone.) 

Donalyn shares these frightening facts with us in her book Reading in the Wild~

Being surrounded by cultural forces that fail to support reading or diminish reading outright erodes students' interest in reading and prevents them from sustaining any reading motivation. (Loc 1779 eBook)
A recent National Literacy Trust Report found that 17 percent of children surveyed would be embarrassed if their friends saw them reading. (Loc 1787 eBook) 

This calls for a community action~ #LetsBringReadingBack

As we know kids begin school enthusiastic about reading and eager to share their new skills with EVERYONE! An enthusiastic  reader is proud, surrounded by books and reading at every corner.  But what happens along the way? Somewhere we are loosing our proud and enthusiastic readers.

Let's show our kids and (parents) reading isn't just for school, reading is fun, reading is a choice, reading is just what we do! Let's show readers reading in "edge times," (those in between times-appointments, in the park, waiting in the grocery line, sitting on a train, riding in a car, I think you're starting to get the idea) where reading is by choice and natural.  Let's bring reading out of school and create a community of readers who are proud and enthusiastic.

Please join our Wild Readers Scavenger Hunt! 

When you spot readers reading in their natural habit snap a picture (avoid faces and when necessary, ask permission) and add it to the Wild Readers Padlet below or at or you can tweet me at @Deb_Frazier, (using #letsbringreadingback) and I will add your pix for you!

Soon we will have a collage to share with our kids! We will be creating a community where reading in the wild no longer embarrasses kids (or adults), our readers will be surrounded by a community that supports them and helps readers maintain their enthuasium!  Consider enlisting your youngest readers in the scavenger hunt, maybe they will "volunteer to be found reading!" When I told my "I only in school if they make me reader" about the hunt (and offered a small token for pix) she replied "I am going to starting handing out books to my friends and strangers to get pics!" Hmmm, who's the clever fox here?

Please share this post and help spread the word! (I am sharing this with my families from last year!)

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