Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pressure is my Catalyst! #Nerdlution

Okay, Okay, Okay I admit it I work best UNDER PRESSURE!  Not to say that my tweeps are pressuring me in any way.  And even if they were it's a positive pressure, right?  So if my will to say no (guess @stellavillalba needs to coach me a bit more on the art of saying no and sticking with it) subsides here it's OK, right?  I mean every time I look at my twitter feed I am going to feel jealous, and envious and out of balance and proud  guilty that I said no.  So, if committing to #nerdlution helps me read my twitter feed and feel balanced and part of an AMAZING community of learners, and self fulfilled then I guess I would only be cheating myself by saying no, right?  Besides, I have this wonderful TOWER of professional books begging for my attention.  Every time I look at the tower I see $$$ and possibilities just sitting there trapped and unfulfilled.  IF I were to say yes to #nerdlution I could read from this tower everyday for 50 minutes and soon I would begin to unwrap the possibilities, I could use these ideas to make shifts in my teaching, right?  So, thinking about all this (shifts in teaching, feeling a part of an amazing community of learners, whittling down my TBRT, reading my twitter feed with pride and opening new possibilities in my classroom) how could I possibly say no?

So IF I did commit to #nerdultion it would look something like this~

  • Read for 50 minutes each day from my TBRT
  • Check in on twitter each day #nerdlution from Dec. 2 January 20
  • Maybe a blog post or two along the way
  • Guilt free twitter check in's
  • Learning from all the other #nerdlution players
  • Trying out new and fresh teaching pedagogies
Okay, Okay, Okay! Pressure is my catalyst! I commit to #nedulution~ GAME ON! 
All names have been omitted to protect the those who may or may not have contributed to the pressure of my commitment to #nerdlution
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