Saturday, June 22, 2013

Teacher's Write! Summer 2013

I am so excited, nervous and just plain scared! I just committed to Teachers Write!  I first heard about Teacher's Write from @KateMessner on twitter. I loved the way Kate explained the flexibility of the writing camp-

Schedule is kind of an ugly word for summer, isn’t it? So let’s call this the plan-of-the-day instead. Feel free to participate in whatever floats your boat and skip the rest.

This causal attitude made me feel  just brave enough to say, OK, this one I can do. I have lurked in the background as many of my fellow bloggers participate in Slice Of Life and other writing challenges. I think maybe this time I can participate…but, then i let fear stop me. To be honest, I am not sure I ready for Teacher's Writing camp either but, something tells me many of us are thinking the same thing... so here it goes!  So happy to see @deblairson and @cathymere are joining me! 
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