Sunday, October 16, 2011

VoiceThread~Step Four, Student Log-in with Password!

We are well on our way to using VoiceThread (VT) as easily as pencil and paper in our room! Kids view VoiceThreads regularly, parents, siblings and students comment from home and two students have asked to put their work on VT to share with parents. I think we are ready for the big step…student log in with password! Up until this point we have been able to work under one free account. The next step does require a paid account. The paid account provides each student with his or her own login and password. Students will be able to login from home, create new VT's and share with your group, and you will be able to moderate comments if you choose. 

I have set up a few things to support kids, parents and myself before we learn to login as individual users. 
  • First, I posted a chart in our room where I can display student avatars and web addresses. (Thank you @MrsCarolynCarr for the cute and purposeful idea)
  • Create a password resource you and the kids can refer to quickly when login information is needed.   
  • For younger kids I recommend adding student avatars, older kids can do this as they login. 
  • Create a group for your class, add your class to the group and Share a VT with the group. (This will give kids VT's to browse and comment on once they are logged on.) 
  • Help kids and parents login from home, I created mailing labels to place in our family folders. These labels have student user name, password, a QR code to VT, web address and a picture of our school avatar.
Now add kids! 
  • Gather an extra set of hands if you can. I asked a parent volunteer to come in on this afternoon. Having extra hands is nice but not necessary. 
  • A few "techexperts" will pop up in your group and they are always happy to help their friends.
  • Students (you know your kids best) can add avatars as they login. Remember avatars will need to be JPG files to upload in VT. 
  • Allow kids to browse and comment on VT's you have shared with their group.
I also plan to hold a Parent Tech Night next week to support parents in using VT from home.
  • Parents will login, comment, and create in VT's
  • Learn tech safety and etiquette
The next step will be for the kids to create VoiceThreads!


Franki said...

Love all of these ideas! So smart! And I love the QR code address label. I think I am going to steal that idea for some of our accounts. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

Mrs. Clancy said...

Deb, I LOVE all your ideas about how to use Voice Thread. Looking at all the great projects you do made me take the next step to buy a class account(I had a free account). I have been using it for class projects that are pretty simple...special person book, big books made etc. I have been embedding them on my class blog. I am wondering if you can record voices from a smart board? When you allow families to log in at home do you post things for the kids to respond to? or are families responding to threads you made in class? Can families make their own thread? Thanks Melissa

debf said...

YES! Yes to all your questions~ I have recorded comments using the Smart Board. Although, I have a computer right next to the Smart Board so I am not sure if the voice is detected by the mic on the computer or if the SB has a mic? But all the touch screen features of the SB work with VT!!!
When working from home families are responding to VT's created by me, other students and creating VT's too! Having the paid account will allow you to modiorate comments and feel safe allowing this freedom! Another big plus is VT will email you when comments are made, helping you see what needs moderated.
I hope I have answered your questions, I am so happy my work has inspired you!