Saturday, September 24, 2011

VoiceThread~Step Two

This second post has taken me a bit of time to write, the demands of the beginning of the year are always more than I anticipate!  I was surprised to have so many tweet that they are following these steps and anticapating more...the pressure! (I love it, it motivates me) Big CONGRATS to @cathymere, @debrarosenquist and @ohionicole for getting their own VoiceThread accounts up and running!

Step Two~ Choose and Create a VoiceThread Account

     You have two options here. You can create a free educator account or a paid educator account. The question I am most often asked is "Do I need the paid account?"  The answer is usally "It depends on how you want to use VT in your classroom." The differences between the accounts are laid out nicely on the VT products tab. To think about the types of accounts in terms of the classroom, I think the biggest consideration is would you like your students to create and/or comment outside  of the classroom? If  students will only comment and create from school, under your supervision then the free account will meet your needs just fine. If you would like your students to create and/or comment outside of the classroom then you may feel more comfortable with the paid account.
     The paid account will allow you to assign each student a password which will add accountability and authenticity to student work. In addition the paid account allows you to moderate comments. Comment moderation is a BIG PLUS! Comment moderation allows educators to use VT for assessements (pre, post and ongoing), family information (newsletters, curriculum information), and as interactive work just to name a few.

Interactive Math Work (page created in Pixie saved as.jpg)

  Pre-Assessment (through moderation comments were closed to other students and accessible only to the creator)

Once you have decided which account best suits your needs you are ready to set up your account. Visit VoiceThread to register. Once you have completed the registration you will be loged in to VT. From there you can begin to add your identities (free account) or add users (paid account).

To add users click on your email address in the top right corner and go  to Account Manger choose add users and you are ready to add your class. You can add the whole class at once! If you are using the free account you adding indentities will allow you to add you entire class under your log in information but using their own avatar.

This part of setting up VoiceThread is often the most intimidating but don't let your fears stop you! The support section on VoiceThread is very helpful! In the next step will be creating a VoiceThread!

If you have questions please leave a comment or you can find me at @frazierde on Twitter.


  1. Deb,
    No pressure, bit I need step 3. ;0)


  2. lol ... And what about Step 4? Is there a Step 4?

    Great work Deb - Your knowledge & experience with VoiceThread will benefit many. Talk soon