Sunday, July 31, 2011

Innovative Learning Environments~VoiceThread in the Classroom

Tomorrow I will be leading a session at the Ohio Innovative Learning Environments Conference with the tech support of Cathy and two first grade "techexperts." I am excited about this session because I actually get to talk about VoiceThread. I can't wait to show other educators how VoiceThread can provide authentic opportunities to share and learn with a global audience.
Below is the slide show that we will be using to present a variety of ways VoiceThread can be implemented in the classroom (all VoiceThread photos are live links). The slide show includes a link to help you get started too! Below the slideshow I have provided a link to a Google doc and other links that provide even MORE ideas for using VoiceThread in your classroom.
The final slide asks you to share your ideas for using VoiceThread in your classroom. Please take a minute to comment and tell us your ideas! It would be a great resource we can all refer back to anytime!
My class and I became HUGE fans of VoiceThread this year! I hope we can show other educators how easily VoiceThread can expand your audience in authentic ways!
VoiceThread in the Classroom Innovative Learning Environments (more ideas for VoiceThread in the classroom) (VoiceThread to build a community of reader's) VoiceThread connecting classrooms Colorado to Ohio) (Wanted a Global Classroom!) (VoiceThread allows you to peak in the classroom when you are out) (slow beginnings, weekly book share)

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  1. What a FABULOUS resource you have put together. I really think VT should hire you as a consultant and educator. I can't wait to dig deeper with your examples in my journey this year. I appreciate your efforts.

    btw - the VT to build a community of readers isn't opening. :)