Saturday, February 26, 2011

VoiceThread Is Always There!

Yesterday I had to miss school due to a nasty stomach bug. I was very sad to miss as it was a big day for first grade and I the plans I left for my poor sub were less than adequate. (Typed them up at four AM while feeling very sick).

Today I finally found the strength to grab my laptop, mainly to follow the tweets of the Dub Lit conference on twitter (which I had also had to miss, darn bug). As I began to browse twitter I clicked over to my email, I was so please to see an email from VoiceThread notifying me that nine of my kids had created VoiceThreads while I was out! I also found a video of the first grade animal parade from my teaching partner,Carolyn. It was so nice to have a peak into the day!

I quickly clicked over to VoiceThread and to see and hear what my kids had been doing while I was out! I was so happy to peek into my class and their thinking! I was even more excited to see they were independent in creating VoiceThreads AND even more excited to see that my kids were reading and thinking! Could it be they have developed life long skills?

I also took a minute to share the animal parade video with the my class and their families via VoiceThread, I can't wait to hear the kids tell me all about their special day!

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