Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Wonders Of VoiceThread!

This year I have become a big fan of VoiceThread! I first learned about VoiceThread during a summer in-service in my district. I sat, I listened, I played and I created a project to get my credit. I have to admit I really did not see how I would use this tool in my classroom. I was sure I could do everything VoiceThread could do, only faster with pencil and paper. With the encouragement of my friend and teaching partner Cathy, I brought VoiceThread into my classroom. Well, I am happy to say, it instantly became obvious I had under estimated the value of this tool!
My most recent use of VoiceThread came in the form of a pre-assessment. I currently have a wonderful student teacher, Colleen, who would be planning and teaching our upcoming unit on heroes. Because Colleen is only in our classroom 2 days a week, we needed a way to pre-assess and share the information prior to her planning. So we turned to VoiceThread! VoiceThread has a comment moderation feature which allowed us to hear the comments of the students prior to the students hearing the comments of their peers, a big plus for pre-assessment! In addition, VoiceThread allowed the students to comment orally. This option encouraged the students to share more information than they might have shared in written form.


  1. Just wondering, what tools do you need to use voicethread? I've never tried but you have peaked my interest. Is there a great resource to get me going?

  2. Deb,
    Keep posting all of these great ways you can use Voicethread. It's slowly sinking in for me.


  3. As I have learned from my mentor, VoiceThread has many uses within the classroom. I am always excited to discover a new method for learning! I think the students were also more excited about using the technology of VoiceThread for an assignment so they were comfortable enough to provide more thoughts than with the traditional paper and pencil.

  4. Mandy ~VoiceThread works best with a webcam but, can also work well without. I also find the the Single Educator version offers the most for a classroom teacher. This versions allows you to feel more secure in allowing the kids to create and comment from home with moderation and co-creator privileges. I have a student who is leaving for a 2 week vacation and we plan to communicate through VoiceThread while she is gone! Here's a link that may help you~
    I am happy to chat about this anytime!